Develop the skills and confidence to be active globally
4 years full of opportunities
Maho Tate
Department of English Language and Communication
2016 years graduation

Publication date: 2023.3
From the 2023 English Communication Department pamphlet
English comic graduate _ Mr. Shield
In the English Communication Department, I acquired "English ability", "communication ability" and "confidence". Through four years of study, I acquired not only grammar and vocabulary skills, but also practical English skills.Through daily classes and group work, I strengthened the communication skills necessary for any kind of business.Studying abroad in Boston not only improved my language skills, but also gave me confidence by overcoming various difficulties.The English Communication Department offers many opportunities for personal growth.
After graduating from Showa Women's University and completing a master's degree at a graduate school in England, I am currently working at a general consulting firm.Focusing on tackling climate change issues, she specializes in policy proposals to government agencies and strategy planning for private companies.When she conducts consulting work for overseas clients, she needs advanced communication in English, and these three skills that she cultivated during her university days are very useful.
The skills I acquire in this department will definitely be useful in the future, and above all, I feel that they will further expand my individual possibilities.If you want to work overseas someday and want to be active globally, please give it a try.

Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting LLC

English comic graduate_Tate-san 2
High-level communication skills in English are required when conducting consulting work for overseas customers.
English comic graduate_Tate-san 3
Working in a global company, the three skills I cultivated at university—English, communication, and self-confidence—are very useful.