Food hygiene management and quality maintenance
Aki Muramatsu
Department of Health Science
Associate professor

Publication date: 2023.4.1
From the 2024 university brochure
[Thinking about how to provide sustainable food on a global scale,
Efforts to control microorganisms in food】
Food is delicious and maintains and promotes people's health, but for that reason, it must be of good quality and safety.Now that we have serious issues such as food loss, it is very important to think about how to maintain the quality of food.We are focusing on hurdle technology as a way to prevent the increase of microorganisms that lead to food spoilage.The principle is that if there are multiple stressors (high temperature, low pH, etc.) in the environment in which microorganisms live, they will not be able to multiply.In addition, we have clarified the sterilization effect of using electricity and changing the pressure, and are pursuing methods to prevent spoilage without spoiling the taste of food.We are also working on simulations of microbial growth and death using predictive microbiology.
After completing a doctoral course at Tokyo University of Agriculture, she worked at the same university and at a venture company before joining Showa Women's University in 2017.Her main research interests are food quality control and hygiene.She is also interested in her research on properties in food processing and cooking, and fermented foods.Her book is Food Hygiene (edited by Mitsuru Kishimoto), and she recently wrote a paper on food hygiene in Cambodia.She is a member of the Japanese Society of Food Preservation Science, the Japanese Society of Food Microbiology, the Society of Delicious Technology, and the International Association for Food Protection.