A wide range of food knowledge acquired through classes and research
I want to connect it to my career
Akane Hizen
Department of Food Safety Management
Alma mater: Oshioka High School

Publication date: 2022.10.1
Safety_Mr. Hizen
[What made you decide to study food safety management?] ]
I wanted to work in product development and planning at a food company.I thought that this department suited me because I could learn not only food and nutrition but also food business, and there was a lot of hands-on learning such as menu proposals and product development.
[What did you learn? ]
I learned about the construction of a food system from food production to processing, distribution, and consumption, and the supply of safe and secure food from multiple perspectives. "Sensory evaluation", "How to present food", "Purchase decision-making process", and "Marketing analysis/strategy planning" were of particular interest to broaden my knowledge.By learning the food system in general, I became interested in other industries based on the food industry.
[What do you want to work on from now on? ]
The theme of my graduation research is "Consumer psychology and behavior brought about by fragrances."The aim is to explore the influence of fragrances on the subconscious mind.In collaboration with companies, we are investigating scents and consumer behavior using an eye camera, and are conducting research so that we can obtain hints for food production that meets consumer demand.After graduating, she hopes to become a perfume maker.
[Which class left an impression on you?] ]
It is a "consumer economy theory" where you can learn the decision making and process of consumer shopping.The lectures were useful in daily life, as they were able to think about the strategies of products and services that people use casually on a daily basis, from the perspective of both consumers and companies, with examples.