Food knowledge learned from diverse perspectives
I want to use it for daily "food"
Momoko Senda
Department of Health Science
Alma mater: Kemigawa High School

Publication date: 2022.10.1
Health_Mr. Senda
[What made you want to study health design? ]
I became interested in kinesiology and nutrition because I belonged to junior high school, high school and sports club.When I entered university, I learned that Showa Women's University has departments where I can study two areas of interest.Also, at the open campus, I learned that I could learn not only about food and exercise, but also about beauty.
[What did you learn? ]
In “Nutrition and Health” in the first year, we learned about the nutrients in food, their functions, and the mechanism of nutrient intake. I feel that it was a class that supports learning.In addition, I learned knowledge about food, beauty, and exercise from various perspectives, such as "food and exercise" and "food and beauty."In addition to being a nutritionist, I have also acquired qualifications such as HACCP administrators and NR/supplement advisors, which I use to help me choose foods on a daily basis.
[What do you want to work on from now on? ]
As a summary of what I have studied so far, I worked on studying for the nutritionist ability certification exam.As a result, I was able to get an A certification. I will work at a food trading company from April.I would like to learn every day while making use of the knowledge I have learned.
[Which class left an impression on you?] ]
This is a "Cooking Practice" that was taken online at home due to the corona misfortune.I also made dishes that I wouldn't normally make, such as buying fish and cutting it myself, and making yokan from the bean paste.By cooking after learning the cooking characteristics of the ingredients, I was able to recognize the characteristics again.