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Sakura Shinya
Department of History and Culture
Alma mater: Oizumi High School

Publication date: 2022.10.1
History_Mr. Shinya
[What motivated you to pursue the Department of History and Culture?] ]
I became interested in history thanks to my junior high and high school social studies teachers, who taught me about the trends of the times, not only by studying textbooks, but also by using characteristic episodes of historical figures.When thinking about my career path, I wanted to become a teacher who can convey the charm of history, so I decided to go to the Department of History and Culture, where I could learn a wide range of history-related subjects and obtain a social studies teacher's license.
[What did you learn? ]
In the Department of History and Culture, you can study a wide range of fields such as history, geography, folklore, and archeology.Because I was interested in various fields, I took folklore and archeology as well as history.As a result, I have broadened my horizons and acquired the ability to think about things from various perspectives.These were useful for writing my graduation thesis and for self-analysis during my job hunting.
[What do you want to work on from now on? ]
I have been unofficially appointed as a special ward official.While I was aiming to become a teacher and was undergoing a teacher training course and teaching practice, I came to think that I wanted to do a job that would rebuild the educational environment, rather than being involved in education as a teacher.In the future, I would like to focus on each issue in the educational field and work to create a higher quality learning environment.
[Which class left an impression on you?] ]
This is "History of Japanese Performing Arts," which I took in my first year.In this class, I saw Kabuki for the first time and felt the depth of Japanese performing arts.This class was the impetus for my seminar to belong to the Folklore and Performing Arts Seminar.I am particularly interested in the sound of the shamisen, which supports the Kabuki stage, and am researching it for my graduation thesis.