Qualifications and internship experience
Willingness to learn new things
Saki Hayashi
Department of Accounting and Finance
Alma mater: Kawagoe Girls High School

Publication date: 2022.10.1
Accounting_Mr. Hayashi
[What made you want to study accounting and finance? ]
Since my family works at a financial institution, I was interested in knowledge about economic trends and money.In the future, I would like to work in accounting for a financial institution or a company, so I applied for the Department of Accounting and Finance, where I could acquire financial literacy.I was also attracted to the fact that I could learn more deeply in a small group system
[What did you learn? ]
At the end of the second year, I obtained Nissho Bookkeeping Level 2, and at the beginning of the third year, I acquired the qualification of FP2.Utilizing the knowledge acquired through qualification acquisition, deepen practical learning through internships at asset management companies and consulting companies that I participated in as a third-year seminar, such as giving presentations on financial analysis of companies and measures to improve issues. is ready.These experiences continue to motivate me to learn new things.

[What do you want to work on from now on? ]
I have received a job offer from a bank where I participated in a long-term internship, and would like to work as a corporate sales assistant.In the future, I will have many opportunities to interact with various managers, so I would like to acquire a wide range of knowledge by always keeping an eye on economic trends by reading the news and newspapers.
[Which class left an impression on you?] ]
It is an “experimental finance” where you can manage virtual stocks and experience the realism of buying and selling on the market.From simulations based on past news, we were able to know when stock prices fluctuate, and we were able to confirm that various aspects such as the economy and politics are involved in price formation.It also led to my interest in actual stock investment and asset management.