Participated in 6 projects,
Acquired planning and proposal skills
Miki Sakamoto
Department of Business Design
Alma mater: Bible Gakuen Chiba Eiwa High School
Publication date: 2022.10.1
Business_Mr. Sakamoto
[What made you want to study business design?] ]
During club activities in high school, I was praised that I was suitable for management while talking with the teacher to improve team strength.From there, I became interested in the business field where teams create projects.I applied for the Department of Business Design because I was attracted to the fact that I could study a wide range of business-related fields and English at the same time, unlike conventional economics and business administration departments.
[What did you learn? ]
Participated in 6 projects and also served as a project leader.In a project to jointly develop an underwear brand for elementary school girls with Sankei Co., Ltd., I was in charge of market research, product planning, and sales, and was awarded the “2020 Students of the year”.In collaboration with Komaba Toho Junior High School, I received the 2021 Dean's Award for a project to give junior high school boys a lecture on unconscious bias.I feel that I have acquired the ability to make plans from scratch, the ability to make proposals to companies, and business etiquette.

[What do you want to work on from now on? ]
After graduating, I will go into the advertising industry.From real to digital, I would like to challenge the production of advertisements that can change the "natural" by using various communication methods.And someday, as a team leader, I aim to be a presence that will lead the members and the company.
[Which class left an impression on you?] ]
In the "Promotion Strategy" class, I learned that no matter how innovative and excellent a product or service is, promotional activities are necessary to make people aware of its existence and value, and that advertising is very important from that point of view. I called.I learned a lot by actually planning, producing, and presenting advertisements and working on my own initiative.