Production of works in the product design course
Nene Yoshioka
Department of Environmental Science and Design
Product design course 4th grade
Alma mater: Ina Gakuen Comprehensive High School
Publication date: 2022.11.7
Work production in the product design course 1
[Reasons for choosing the Department of Environmental Science and Design, Showa Women's University]
Ever since I was little, I've always liked to create things with my hands, and I had a vague dream of becoming a designer.However, the reason I chose the environmental design department over art school was because it was attractive that I could choose from four courses after entering.I'm interested in all fields, and I was attracted to the fact that I could take classes to learn the basics in my first year and choose the course that best suited me.I was also attracted by the fact that the Environmental Design Department teaches not about art, but about design that benefits people.
The method of taking the exam was received by open recruitment recommendation.Before taking the exam, I participated in a trial class at an open campus, and the atmosphere at that time looked very fun, so I decided to take the exam.
[About what you are studying at university, the appeal of learning, and student life]

I am taking a product design course.The feature of this course is that you can learn a wide range of design and make things, from small household goods to product design such as chairs and graphic design.Because you can do anything, it's easy to pursue what you like, and I think it's important to be able to think about the details and how much energy you can put into it.I've always liked making things, so it's a lot of fun to actually use equipment such as electric saws and laser processing machines to create things while devising them. I'm gettingAlso, while working on assignments, conversations with friends often give me hints for design, even when I'm working on my own.As a result, I have deepened my friendships and am enjoying my student life.
Work production in the product design course 2In Japanese, there are dates that are read specially, such as reading the 20th as "Hatsuka".When did we learn this way of reading?Therefore, we created a calendar that is easy for "people who want to read a calendar in Japanese" to help them learn how to read it.
[Favorite classes, distinctive classes]

I like the "Product Design Exercise" class. This class is for 2nd and 3rd year students and focuses on manufacturing, which is the main part of the product design course. In the second year, four full-time teachers teach classes, and in the third year, practical classes are taught by people who are actually working as designers.Each teacher has a different area of ​​expertise, so you can get advice from a variety of perspectives.Students will decide what they will make in response to the assignments presented in the class, and while thinking about what kind of people and what kind of things they can solve, they will go from the concept to the design of the product itself.What impressed me the most was the first semester class in my third year, when I was taught from scratch what to be aware of as a designer, how to think about making things, and how to structure a presentation to convey that. It was a class that I felt that I was able to grow very much.I also like "Product Design Research A/B". This is a so-called seminar activity class for 2rd and 1th graders.Based on the research theme of each of the four instructors in the course, students will also work together.I belong to Mr. Samsung's seminar, but I am enjoying working on it.
Work production in the product design course 3Along with pieces of everyday life.This mirror is a wall mirror with a small hand mirror.The concept is "together with pieces of everyday life."This is more of a mirror for your everyday life.The small mirror pieces can be easily removed and can be used as a hand mirror outside or as a matching mirror at home.
Work production in the product design course 4Work scenery (filming works with seminar members)
[How to spend free time, after school, holidays, etc.]

Even on holidays, I often go out and do activities, such as working at school, going to see exhibitions off-campus with my university friends, or working part-time all day long.
In my free time, I come to the school these days even when I don't have classes, use the equipment to make various things, and consult with my friends about things like graduation projects.I often come up with various ideas from the hints I find in everyday conversations, so I enjoy spending time with my friends.
I'm not a member of the circle, but compared to other courses, the number of students in the product design course is smaller, and we get along very well, so we often get together on weekends.Even if the things they like are similar or different, there are many people who put their energy into what they like, so I am always inspired.
[Future goals]

I would like to face my graduation work and create a work that will be the culmination of my university life.
Also, I have finished my job hunting, and since April next year I have received a job offer as a designer that I admired. I'm here.I want to make use of what I have learned even after graduation, and pursue my passion even further.
[Three pieces of advice for examinees]

➀Put down what you think you like.
This department and course is perfect for those who love to design and make things for others.
② I think it's important not to give up just because you're not good at drawing or have no sense, but if you're interested, it's important to take on challenges.
When I was in high school, I was not good at drawing, and although I liked making things, I didn't think I had an outstanding sense of art.I was so busy with the brass band that I didn't touch design much, so I started from scratch at university.However, by studying various things at university and taking on challenges without giving up, it seems that I will be able to achieve my dream of becoming a designer.I think it's important to take a step forward if you're even slightly interested!
③ You only have one student life, enjoy it to the fullest and make lots of memories!