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Please tell me the timetable.
University timetables are different from high school, as students choose their own curriculum and create their own timetables, so each student is different.The schedule for courses held at the university is shown in the table below.
Universities offer many specialized subjects, general education subjects, and foreign language subjects, and students choose the subjects they wish to study.For example, Mr. A may choose subject A for the first period on Monday, and his girlfriend's friend, Mr. B, may take course B during the same period.Since the subjects to be studied are different for each, the timetables are also different.However, there are many common subjects in the first year.
One 9:00 - 10:30
Two 10:40 - 12:10
lunch break
Three 13:10 - 14:40
Four 14:50 - 16:20
Five 16:30 - 18:00
6 18:10 - 19:40
Seven 19:45 - 21:15
Does the school offer part-time jobs?Please tell me what kind of things you have.
Part-time job openings are unique to the university and will be announced on the Showa Women's University Internet page.This includes assisting with open campus events and assisting with on-campus events.
I heard the rules are strict.When I become a university student, I want to enjoy learning about my favorite fashion and hairstyles.Does Showa Women's University have any strict rules? (hair, etc.)
There are no rules regarding clothing or hair.Choose something that looks student-like, clean, and suits you.
Could you tell me something about your home?
Shop Prelude, which supports campus life through purchasing, introduces apartments, condominiums, and student-only condominiums.
For more information, please check the Shop Prelude website.
Shop Prelude HP


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What kind of clubs and circles are there?Please tell me about both athletics and liberal arts.
You can check the homepage for clubs and circles from the link below.There are also clubs and circles that are members of federations and have ties and exchanges with other universities.
Club / Circle activities


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About student life support after admission
All students belong to classes organized by each department, and can consult their instructors, who act as advisors, about any concerns they may have regarding course registration, employment, or daily life.As a medium-sized women's university, we have the advantage of having enough faculty members for the number of students, allowing us to provide detailed support to each individual student.
Additionally, for parents, we generally hold a parent conference in the third year, which provides a place to share information about the university's initiatives and how students are doing.
About study abroad expenses
Three departments, the Department of International Studies, Department of English Language and Communication, and Department of Business Design, include study abroad programs as part of their curriculum.The necessary expenses are Click here for more information..
Please note that the cost of studying abroad for the Department of International Studies varies depending on the destination. Click here for more information.Please also check.
About employment support
We provide comprehensive career support throughout the four years so that students can acquire the ability to design their own way of life with a focus on occupation and employment.In addition to public job openings from major companies, we also introduce school-recommended job openings from companies that would like to hire Showa Women's University students.
For further information, please read Click here for more information..