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To students

At Showa Women's University, we aim to help our students develop the ability to design their career while enrolled in school, so that after graduation they can find a job that suits them and lead an independent life as a member of society or a professional. We have formulated a career design policy (policy regarding social and occupational independence) and are promoting career education.
A “career” does not stop at finding a job after graduation. “Career design” is the process of planning how you want to live your long life, with your occupation/employment at the center of it.

Showa Women's University Career Design Policy

Showa Women's University Career Design Policy and Career Subject System

Career design policy (policy regarding social and occupational independence)

  1. Through study and practice at our university, students will hone their professional awareness and views on continued employment and re-employment, and develop career design skills to design their own lifestyle over the long term.
  2. Based on the department's ``career design policy,'' students systematically take ``specialized education subjects'' to develop professionals who can become socially independent in their professions and employment fields, making use of their characteristics.
  3. We aim to develop human resources who will acquire an international perspective, rich education, and professional ethics, and who will be able to lead a gender-equal society in the 21st century as independent human beings.

For details on each department's career design policy,please use this form.Please refer to.

Career course system

"Career subjects" at our university consist of general education subjects including "career core subjects" and specialized education subjects of each department.By taking these courses systematically in accordance with the Career Design Policy, you will acquire the knowledge, skills, abilities, and attitudes necessary for a career that utilizes your specialty.

1. University-wide common career core subjects (general education subjects)

As a woman, you will learn the basic knowledge and methods necessary to design a long-term career.
Introduction to Career Design Compulsory First half of 1
Women's way of life and society One subject selection required 2nd to 3rd year first half
Women and career development
Corporate and social rules Selection 3rd and 4th year latter half

2. General education subjects: Career design policy and course system

Students will expand their knowledge about humans, history, society, culture, the environment surrounding them, and nature, thereby building a foundation for how they see things and thinking, and acquiring the ability to make decisions and take action from their own perspective.
For information on the career design policy for general education subjects and the general education system, please see here.  

3. Specialized education subjects: departmental career design policy and study model

Each department has its own career design policy, and specifically presents job types and occupations (aimed occupations) that take advantage of the characteristics of specialized education subjects, as well as ``study models'' suitable for pursuing these occupations.
Please use the "Course Study Model" as a guide for your study plan.
Please see here for details on the ``Aimed Occupations and Study Models'' for each department.

Aimed occupation and career subject system

Aimed occupation and career subject system

Department career design policy, desired occupation and study model

University-wide Education Center

General education